5 Halloween Tricks and Treats to Avoid a Tallahassee DUI

Although you may be too old to worry about overeating Halloween candy, this ghoulish day has an even scarier trick up its sleeve for adults: a Tallahassee DUI arrest for drugs or alcohol. Because Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, you can expect a bunch of festivities, which presents the unfortunate opportunity to get yourself into an outright spooky legal situation. Considering the overwhelming penalties for a Tallahassee DUI, which include significant fines, jail time, and a suspended driver’s license, it’s best to avoid it entirely. Simply put, do yourself and everyone else a solid favor and use the following five Halloween tricks and treats to avoid a Tallahassee DUI.  

Drink Responsibly

The most common type of DUI involves alcohol. In Tallahassee, any time you are driving and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over the legal limit of .08, you could be cited for a DUI, even if you are feel “tipsy.” While alcohol may be a part of several parties, it can take over and contribute to these terrifying Halloween drunk driving stats provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:  

  • 38% of the national fatal crashes during Halloween weekend involved a motorcyclist or driver with a BAC of at least .08.
  • 23% of Halloween pedestrian fatalities involved a drunk driver.

It’s important for you to drink responsibly and not become a part of this growing statistic.

Avoid All Drugs

Similar to drunk driving, driving under the influence of illegal drugs and prescription drugs can result in a DUI arrest. Any time you operate a vehicle, it’s important your decision making isn’t impaired by the effects of drugs. If your physician prescribes you medication, always ask whether it will impair your ability to operate a vehicle. If you have taken medication, it’s best to call Uber or ask a friend to take you home. In any case, you can rest assured that Tallahassee DUI checkpoints will be in full effect for Halloween.

Save the Masks for the Party

Tallahassee police officers generally need a viable reason to pull you over. Some of the most common ways Tallahassee cops spot drunk drivers are reckless driving and if they observe you breaking a traffic law. If you choose

to wear a mask while you are driving, it may give the officer the reason they need to conduct a traffic stop. After they stop you, your sobriety will be under question, and you may be asked to perform Field Sobriety Exercises or take a breathalyzer. However, you can avoid this entire scenario by not wearing a mask and saving the antics for the party.

Know Your Rights at DUI Checkpoints

Since police officers know the statistics for Halloween drunk driving, you can expect Tallahassee’s law enforcement to be in full swing, especially with Tallahassee DUI checkpoints. While these stops are legal and highly effective at thwarting drunk driving, it’s up to you to know your rights at a Tallahassee DUI checkpoint stop, such as the fact you do not have to answer the officer’s questions. It’s also a great practice to have a Tallahassee DUI attorney already on speed dial in the event you are arrested.

Get a Ride

The simplest and most sure way to avoid a DUI in Tallahassee is to avoid drinking entirely. However, this may not be the most feasible option for some people. If you fall within this group, simply take a bus, call a cab, call a Uber, use a rideshare service, or walk. While not driving doesn’t give you the licence to overindulge on drugs and alcohol, it’s the one to guarantee you will not be arrested for a DUI.

Contact the Best Tallahassee DUI Attorneys

While Halloween is the day everyone gets dressed up in awesome costumes, it’s not fun to be in the Leon County Jail in an orange jumpsuit. Instead, it’s best to use the previously mentioned tips to avoid a Tallahassee DUI. However, everyone makes mistakes! If yours includes being arrested for a DUI, the next best thing you can do is to hire the best Tallahassee DUI attorney to defend your rights. As the premier team of Tallahassee criminal defense attorneys, Norris Law is here for you. Contact Norris Law today for a free DUI consultation and have a safe and happy Halloween.

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